An introduction to lenticular printing in fashion

lenticular printing

What is lenticular printing? 

The lenticular printing process uses a combination of specially prepared graphics to create printed images that have the illusion of depth or motion. A lenticular lens is made up of two parts; repeating rows of convex lenses at the front and a flat surface on the back that can either be printed directly or have a pre-printed graphic mounted to it.

This means lenticular printing allows for two or more images (flips/frames) in the same space on one printed piece. Sometimes lenticular items, especially 3D can be confused with holograms, which are produced through a completely different process.

So a lenticular image almost shapeshifts as your  eye moves from one side to to the other,  creating an illusion that can serve many different purposes especially on wearable lenticular items such as caps and t-shirts. 

Why Lenticular? 

The main reason people use lenticular images  within their designs is because of how much they stand out. The texture and feel of a lenticular printed piece offers something completely unique to a typical  printed item, allowing brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

If you want to get across a specific message, lenticular is a creative way of showing this, as people are naturally drawn towards the shifting images. 

Where can lenticular images be used? 

Everywhere and anywhere, but most commonly on flat surfaces.. It can also be used on clothing such as t-shirts, caps, hoodies, beanie hats, wristbands and many other wearable pieces. The only limit is your imagination when you deal with an experienced printer. 

Is lenticular printing expensive? 

In some cases, lenticular can be quite expensive and it won’t make commercial sense, especially for smaller fashion start-ups. The minimum order quantity would be at the very  least 500 pieces. The cost reduces the higher the order quantity. . While we do work with most budgets, lenticular printing is definitely a premium service. 

It is worth bearing in mind that getting lenticular printing right is a fine art and should be handled by someone experienced in the field. At Elite Labels, we have over 30 years industry experience and have created appliqués and lenticular pieces for some of the biggest names in fashion. To see our range of lenticular printed articles or for expert advice just send us an email at or call us on 0116 251 2634 where a dedicated member of our team can support you.