Avoiding a sticky situation with security labels: How to maintain brand protection

security holographic labels

Whether they are for tamper proof or counterfeiting purposes, security labels are a vital part of maintaining brand protection for companies across the retail spectrum.

From pharmaceuticals and household goods to fashion brands providing high value garments, security labels provide peace of mind to ensure that your products and your brand identity is protected and safe.

What are the different types of security labels available?

There are different types of security labels that can be used by a brand:

  • Serial numbers, which provide a unique identifier for each item in a brand protection program is almost always the starting point.
  • Colour-shifting ink, where printed colour changes when viewed at different t angles. These effects are very difficult to reproduce.
  • Barcodes carry unique brand identification information and help you track your inventory.
  • Microprint and “invisible” printing is where words or other markings are printed either too small for the naked eye to read or with inks that become visible only under specific conditions.
  • Specialty technologies, such as holography, lens effects and diffraction. The best of these optically variable devices (OVDs) are so detailed and intricate, even the most adept counterfeiter will not succeed in copying them.
  • Hot foil labels are a cheaper alternative to hologram labels, but still provide much the same benefit by giving products credibility through a feeling of quality. By using a decorative foil material, available in a wide range of colours and patterns, eye-catching designs can be achieved to match your specification, enhancing the visual effect of products which is particularly important when shelf appeal is a vital element of the products positioning.
  • Tamper-evident features make it apparent when a label has been removed or packaging has been opened.
  • Track and trace technology stores information useful to detect, prevent, and investigate diversion into the grey market.

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