Case study: A nominated supplier for Smiley

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Smiley, as the name suggests, stands for spreading optimism through their variety of products, including fashion, accessories, beauty, homeware, entertainment products and even food. As a TOP 100 global licensing company registered in over 100 countries, it has always made sure to walk with the latest generation and adapt to the latest trends and technological advancements.

In fact, it was Smiley that introduced the world to Emoticons, a visual language everyone across the world uses today when texting and messaging relatives, friends and colleagues.

Elite Labels is proud to be the nominated supplier of Smiley, especially as it celebrates its 50 year anniversary.

smiley 50th anniversary Galeries Lafayette Paris
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Exploring new label and branded packaging ideas

Elite Labels has partnered with Smiley for seven years, producing thousands of labels, swing tags, branded packaging and much more for this innovative brand. From woven and printed labelling for clothing, branded products and merchandise, our team continues to deliver to meet the obligations of licensees and the licensor.

smiley woven labels
smiley fashion swing tag

Supporting Smiley and licensees across the world

Elite Labels operates from 14 locations across the globe, from South America to the Far East. We are well placed to help Smiley enter new markets, supplying woven, wash care and printed labels as well as a whole host of other fashion products. No matter where Smiley’s customers are in the world, there is no compromise on quality of our products, ensuring complete brand consistency and coherency.

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