Case study: woven labels, swing tags and premium transfer clothing printing for emerging streetwear fashion brand

The Kooky Klub designs printed clothing and accessories for like-minded creative individuals looking for street and fashion garments that are well-made and designed by artists. Inspired by an eclectic mix of skateboarding, urban style, pop art and photography, The Kooky Klub aims to push the boundaries on t-shirt printing techniques and appliqué textures.

Elite Labels partnered with The Kooky Klub to help launch their Autumn/Winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

T-shirt illustrations brought to life with premium transfers and appliqués

With over 10 years’ experience in the supply of appliqués and premium transfers, our team are adept at spotting opportunities to help elevate t-shirt and clothing illustrations. Elite Labels used a variety of t-shirt printing appliqués to add interest, texture and depth to designs.

The range of premium appliqués used included satin vinyl transfers, high gloss and matte silicon, holographic, metallic, cork and flock materials as well as sublimation transfers to create clothing that looks truly unique.

Woven labels to truly own blank garments

Historically, streetwear fashion brands and other retailers have opted for Gildan, Continental, Fruit Of The Loom (or equivalent) blank t-shirts. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, but how often do you come across an independent brand where, for example, a Gildan label is still sewn within the collar of the garment?

It’s at this point, you start to question the professionalism and overall quality of the brand. We used The Recycled Clothing Co. range of blank sweats and t-shirts, partly because they’re environmentally conscious products, but also they are easy to print on and apply any brand labels.

We produced a range of bright red Kooky Klub loop fold woven labels with different sizes, printed wash care labels and a small red hem label which adorns each garment – a small detail that sets Kooky Klub out from its competitors and due to their vibrant nature, allows their products to be quickly identified.

woven hem label
Woven hem label

Duo swing tickets to communicate brand values

To complete the look, we produced two simple swing tickets on a silk board attached with string and seal lock. One tag was with the Kooky logo, and the other within a long strip a quarter of the size of the first tag with ‘The Kooky Klub’ brand name. Although seemingly insignificant, it’s small details such as this that can subconsciously communicate quality and leave a positive impression on the customer.

duo fashion swing tags

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