Folded labels: A guide to different label folds

each end fold and flat label

Labels are an integral part of any garment or product. However, deciding on the type of label fold you might need for your products is usually an afterthought .

Choosing the right fold for your label is an important consideration. This might seem daunting, especially if you’re developing a brand for the first time, but the fold you choose will usually depend on the materials your products are made from and where the label needs to be attached.

There are five different types of label folds that you are most likely to come across. Understanding the exact purpose of each one will help you decide what would work best for your products. Whether your label is for a t-shirt, jumper, bag or a cushion, this guide outlines the different label folds available to help you make an informed decision.

There are a few questions to keep in mind when choosing the right label fold. What will you be putting on your label and where will it be placed? Besides your logo, will there be any accompanying text? As well as the fold, the shape of your label will determine how it should be stitched.

Loop Fold Label

This folding method is the most common and typically used for neck labels on jumpers and t-shirts. The fabric is simply folded in half and sewn into the seams of your product.

levis loop fold label
The small red loop fold label for Levi’s is probably the most iconic clothing label in the world

This fold is usually quite durable and favoured by most fashion brands. They can be looped either vertically or horizontally and come in a range of sizes.

This loop fold label for the John Lewis Kin range is used to display wash care instructions on the reverse

Each End Fold Label

This is typically a rectangular shape – landscape rather than portrait – folded over at each end and sewn onto the garment. Understandably, this is more suited for wider brand names and where there is a need to fit a web address or slogan.

Each end fold labels are secure, but where a loop fold label can be stitched within the seams, this fold is usually stitched flat into the fabric. This means stitches will show through on the other side. Each end folds offer versatility and can be used in a variety of sizes.

each end fold label
A clean each end fold label for clothing brand Our Legacy

Manhattan Book Fold Label

The Manhattan book fold is a more traditional fold that is less popular due to its increased weight. It is similar to the loop fold but also has an edge at the top that covers the area that is usually sewn within the seams. This fold is a by-product of older label cutting techniques that were less precise and the loop fold is now the industry standard.

Border ‘Flat’ Label

The border or flat label is not actually folded at all and usually found in bespoke, high quality garments. It is sewn flush to a garment around all four edges. Border labels now typically come with a sticky backing such as an iron on option to hold it in place while it is being stitched, which is particularly useful for difficult products to sew on such as handbags.

border flat label
A flat label for Kin with a small loop fold label stitched to display the garment size

Mitre Fold Label

Mitre label ends are folded at a 45 degree angle and the label is sewn onto the garment via the folded tabs. It is perfect for soft garments that have lots of movement, such as dresses and children’s clothing. It allows the garment to be hung and is usually sown into the neck.

mitre fold label
A mitre fold label on a waterproof jacket for Berghaus

Choosing the right label fold

All of these label folds are good options and have proven to work for decades.

The information you need on your label (logo, brand name, web address etc.) will typically determine the shape of your label – square, portrait or landscape. Equally, you will want to consider where and how you want your labels to be stitched onto your garments or products.

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