Heat transfers & appliqués: exotic transfers bringing fashion products to life

heat transfers

The term appliqué is derived from the French and Latin words ‘appliquer’ and ‘applicare’, which both mean to join or attach. Like embroidery, it has a humble beginning. The technique was simply used as a way to strengthen worn areas of items or to patch holes that had formed. As time went on, it became a creative outlet for fashion designers around the world.

While it features elements of embroidery, this craft combines smaller pieces of fabric that are then sewn, glued or ironed onto a larger fabrics. Together, they form a an image that can be both functional or decorative depending on the application.

rhinestone applique
Rhinestone appliqués

At Elite Labels, the possibilities are endless with fully bespoke options. We use a variety of materials and techniques including vinyls, chenille, vegan leather, high build gloss, soft artificial fur, holographic foils, mesh, metallic materials, glitter, sequins, rhinestones, sequin imitations, stones, embroidery, lace, sublimation, cork, reflective substrates, 3D puff techniques and many more!

Appliqués can be easily applied by our factories with a heat press machine, using temperatures ranging from 120°C-180°C. Our team has over 10 years’ experience in the supply of appliqués and embellishments, working closely with our clients to deliver heat transfer products that are truly unique. Here are some of our favourite projects we have worked on so far.

For more information on using appliqués for your products as well as a no obligation quotation, please get in touch with a member of our expert team who can help you establish what you need for your business.