How you can use custom holographic labels for your fashion business

holographic security stickers

At Elite Labels, we often get enquiries for holographic labels and stickers with the idea of elevating and promoting a company’s products. However, holographic labels are pretty versatile and can be used in a number of other applications you may not have considered.

In this blog, we explore how you can use holographic labels beyond brand enhancement and mere decoration.

Protect your brand against fakes and counterfeiting

The global counterfeiting industry is expected to hit the $4.2 trillion mark in 2022, and the fashion industry lost more than $50 billion in 2020 due to the sale of fake products.

It’s a real challenge for brands to spread the word and stop counterfeits from reaching the market. We have produced hologram stickers for a variety of different brands including football clubs, character brand licensors and designer clothing brands which require traceability and protection against counterfeit.

Using unique production processes, the design of security holographic labels makes forging and replication extremely difficult. It’s possible to use special dyes – called taggant foils – in the production process, which can only be identified with a special reader. We can even add consecutive numbering on the holograms for added security and accountability value.

Tamper-evident security labels

Tamper-evident holograms are specifically designed to highlight when attempts are made to remove them, making them ideal for ensuring security of seals on products and asset tagging. This is a particularly good label to use for brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Custom hologram labels to distinguish product authenticity

If it works for banknotes, government documents and credit cards, it can also provide quick and easy optical product authentication in the fashion industry.

Using award winning technology, holograms are created at an extremely high resolution (up to 120,000dpi) using a variety of unique holographic effects. These holograms can be used for official product documentation, as well as the product itself.

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