How your company can take small steps to building a sustainable fashion brand

sustainable fashion products

Sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and that is especially true for the fashion industry. Almost two thirds (64%) of small and medium-sized business owners want to improve their environmental sustainability according to a survey conducted by Lloyds Bank. Within the fashion industry, it can be challenging trying to implement sustainable practices across every department, but making small changes can make the biggest impact in the long run.

One of the biggest deterrents for moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable materials has been partly down to the quality and finish. However, fabrics have vastly improved over the last few years with more choice and a greater colour range. This means that for fashion brands that demand quality, there is no compromise and more importantly, you can do your bit for the environment.

At Elite labels, as well as applying sustainable methods in our manufacturing processes, we are always looking to offer our clients eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our clients can be confident that all of their materials are ethically sourced to ensure the sustainability of our forests and green spaces. In this blog post, we discuss some of the ways you can incorporate our sustainable range within your fashion business.

Eco-friendly woven labels

Woven labels that are 100% natural cotton are a great eco-friendly option. This lightweight and soft fabric is one of the most popular choices for environmentally conscious brands.

We also use recycled polyester from ‘post-consumer’ plastic bottles to manufacture polyester woven labels. The plastic is regenerated through a non-chemical process. This is a budget friendly option that works well for many of our customers.

In comparison to a virgin polyester label, recycled yarns:

  • Produced without harmful chemicals for the environments;
  • Emit 32% less CO2
  • Consume 64% less energy during production
  • Are dope dyed, reducing water consumption by 94%

Wash care labels using recycled materials

Most wash care labels are either satin or Tyvek, however at Elite labels we are currently working to use fully recyclable materials. Our base yarn is developed using by-products of plastic bottles and converted into yarn. The bottles are first collected, sorted and cleaned, then chopped into pieces and melted down into liquid plastic. The material is cut to size after being squeezed into shape then spun to create a flossy fibre that’s woven into a yarn.

eco-friendly wash care labels

This process creates a sustainable wash care label that is both durable and eco-friendly, meaning that you do not have to compromise on the longevity of your wash care label. So whether that is two or ten years from now, the wash care instructions will remain intact and legible.

Swing tickets and hang tags using recyclable and sustainable papers

An incredibly important part of a fashion business are swing tickets and hang tags. However although they provide important information and are a good way of communicating who your brand is, many are simply disposed of once they are no longer required by the customer causing unnecessary landfill waste.

swing tags made from recycled papers

To prevent deforestation and reduce the average consumption of paper, our swing tags are sourced from a variety of recyclable and sustainable papers, all of which are FSC certified. This paper is available in a range of custom shapes and sizes and once the swing tickets are used, can be recycled again.

Biodegradable and compostable garment bags

Plastic garment bags are no longer the only option to preserve garments in transit and are simply a matter of choice. Our eco friendly garment bags have all the benefits of the standard plastic poly bags however they degrade within 12 months. So while your garment is fully protected, the packaging is fully biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, and 100% water soluble.

Overall, these small changes contribute to a far lower carbon footprint for both you and your customers. The bottom line is, over 33% of customers prefer to buy from businesses who promote and can have eco-friendly and sustainable products, from the packaging right through to the labels. So, if your brand is looking for more advice or to purchase sustainable packaging products, send us an enquiry at