Planning your next move: The 5 biggest fashion trends in 2022

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When the pandemic first hit, we saw a sudden shift in the way we dress. Even now, it dictates many style trends, putting fashion in a funny place – somewhere between relaxed at-home dressing and over-the-top party looks.

This year, the fashion industry is also adopting a more inclusive and sustainable approach as more and more brands and people are making a move towards mindful consumption instead of fast fashion picks.

Here are the five trends you need to look out for this year.

1. Sustainable fashion

Although a few promising steps have been made, trends forecast the development of innovative new materials and technologies and further propelling the circular model of resale in 2022.

“Upcycling and rebirth, which include regenerative designs using plant-based techniques and raw materials need to be kept an eye on. The idea of ‘less is better’ will be reflected through handmade and homegrown garments made from recycled materials,” explains Yadvi Agarwal, founder and designer of conscious clothing brand, Yavï.

2. Tailored suits

Pantsuits are what comes to mind when you think of tailored looks, and they happen to be the hot-ticket item for 2022 as well. Jasie Style, a fashion and wardrobe stylist, told Insider magazine power suits are likely to take centre stage this year especially ones with “colourful, beautiful fabrics, and bold designs.”

More women have stepped into the leadership space since the pandemic and are focusing on expanding their business endeavours and looking professional while doing such.

3. Sequins and shimmer

Sequins aren’t just for Christmas. You can shimmer any month of the year so, as it’s your time to shine, take inspiration from Chanel and Valentino and introduce sparkles into your collection. Whether it’s a show-stopping dress or a chic two-piece, sequins in spring will certainly get rid of any winter blues.

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4. Mini Skirts

As the Y2K style revival is in full swing, the latest early 2000s trend to resurface recently is the mini skirt. Straight from the archives, Harpers Bazaar hints that the “mini trend may have all started with the proliferation of tennis skirts this summer on Gen Z social feeds”.

While the miniskirt is certainly doing the rounds on social media, it was likely the micro-mini skirts in the Miu Miu Spring 2022 collection that truly marked the return of the trend staple.

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5. Gender neutral fashion

Unisex fashion is nothing new, but it has definitely become a more mainstream topic over the past year. Discussions about gender identity with regards to lots of topics, not just fashion, have become more prevalent in the media, and lots of brands have taken note by releasing genderless collections and more inclusive campaigns.

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