Reconfiguring the woven label with award-winning artist Joy Pitts

lord nelson woven fashion labels

Our world is more conscious than ever about our environmental impact. This is something artist Joy Pitts knows only too well. She has been a trailblazer and huge advocate for creating art using recyclable materials. Her works of art have been featured on the BBC and in many publications such as the Nottingham Post and Radio Times.

In her own words she “reconfigures the woven label”  The work is constantly negotiating the boundaries between the process of making (craft) and understanding life through material (fine art) and has developed her own language by unpicking 30,000 used labels from rag garments.
Each piece of art comprises thousands of labels, meticulously placed one by one and pinned down on a canvas to create award winning pieces commissioned by iconic British brands such as Liberty London and Paul Smith. 

Commission for Sir Paul Smith
Autumn Beauty

Pitts’ use of different textures, colours and patterns is a delight for the senses; capturing her life experiences, expressing a voice without speech and advocating a more environmentally friendly world.

Her work was even featured in tailors on the prestigious Savile Row, a street that beckons people from the furthest corners of the world and is considered the epitome of the ultimate bespoke tailoring experience. 

As a company committed to reducing our environmental impact, Joy’s work and ethos aligns with our own and we have been more than happy to donate surplus clothing labels in order for her to create art.

Improving sustainability is one of the most important parts of our business, ensuring that from the beginning of your product to the very end, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. The benefits of reducing waste, adapting our travel, food and work habits are there to see. Pitt’s work serves as a backdrop for the potential that can emerge from making these important decisions in our lives. 

To see more of award winning artist Joy Pitts work, visit her website