Swing tickets: What should the perfect hang tag look like?

fashion swing tickets and hang tags

Hang tags or swing tickets are one of the most vital parts of any clothing brand. A swing ticket holds some pretty important information that your customer absolutely needs to know. Whatever you need to communicate to the customer should be shown on the swing ticket in an easily readable manner.

Before we dive into the specifics of what should be on the perfect swing ticket, what exactly does the swing ticket do?

Information for your swing ticket

As well as informing shoppers of important details, swing tickets help drive sales too. The swing ticket could be the first meaningful interaction with your brand (besides the garment itself).

Most importantly, your swing ticket aids the retailer. Staff should be able to scan your clothes and pack them up with ease. This is why most swing tickets include enough space for a barcode, product details and perhaps RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sticker. However, this is a key opportunity to communicate your brand with the papers you might choose, print techniques and so on.

With swing tickets, you’ve got to squeeze a lot of functions onto a small, two-dimensional slice of cardboard, so you need to be conscious of space and legibility. Just remember how it’s going to be used in a normal retail situation, and prioritise the right elements such as price, size, barcodes and other variable data.

Swing ticket design ideas

Besides the above mentioned items, there are no real hard and fast rules for a swing ticket. Everything and anything you want can be included, and you can get really creative about this – you might even consider competitions and prize draws. The options are limitless, all you need is a bit of creativity.

Contact information

Giving customers an address and phone number is reassuring to shoppers that you are an established brand as well as giving buyers the opportunity to get in touch if they like what they see. Web and social links are a nice touch and they work best when you add a reason to visit each channel. If your facebook followers get the jump on limited-edition product drops, for instance, you should mention this. QR codes, tear-offs and coupons can help shoppers engage with your brand too.

Origin stories

If you have an unconventional or unique origin story or USP, the swing ticket is the perfect place to put it, especially if you are directly shipping items to customers and have the opportunity to include promotional literature.

Don’t forget: swing tags eventually go in the bin

There’s lots you can do with your swing ticket but there are a few things that you shouldn’t use a swing ticket for. Remember, it’s not a permanent tag, so it’s going to be cut off and discarded as soon as your buyer gets the product home and wears it. Aim for sustainable papers and stick to materials that can be easily recycled.

Any permanent information needs to go on a standard woven or printed label. Wash care information is something that your client is going to want to refer to constantly. You shouldn’t put it on a swing ticket that will be removed upon purchase.

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