What makes the perfect rubber label: A short guide

rubber labels

Rubber labels, made with either PVC or silicone, are a high-quality alternative to a typical clothing label. These indestructible, vivid labels are a step above any other material in the world of labelling, making them a very popular choice across many industries.

In this blog post, we break down some of the most popular uses for rubber labels and why they are such a great alternative to a woven or even printed label.

Chunky and textured

Rubber labels have an average depth of around 1 – 5mm of thickness, making them thicker than any embroidered or woven label. You’d be very hard pressed to find any other label that matches that effect, especially if you are interested in a 3D rubber label. This added depth and thickness offers a premium feel that can’t be replicated by other materials.

Extremely durable

It’s hard to tear a silicone label, and they perform really well in extreme temperatures. You can even run an iron over a silicone label without any melting or loss of detail (just keep it under 220˚C).
This makes rubber labels the perfect choice for exterior branding where there are extreme weather conditions – think skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. You’ll find many ski jackets with rubber logos and the logo will still look great after a few seasons of sub-zero temperatures and exposure to harsh sunlight.

Swimwear often uses rubber labels, too. Whether you’re labelling up trunks or full-body scuba suits, you will need a material that can handle consistent exposure to water. Chlorine and salt water can cause a fabric label to fade over time, so a rubber label is the most suitable option.

Bright and vivid

Silicone labels are poured from a mould in your exact brand colours. You get crisp corners on even the most delicate lettering, so contrasting colours stand out and logos look are represented perfectly. In contrast with woven labels, rubber labels are great for more intricate parts of a logo or where the need for perfect colours is paramount. Rubber labels are the gold standard for detail.

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